Everyday Warrior was founded in 2014 by avid Crossfitter, wife, and mother, Brittany Gill. After being diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer at age 29, Brittany experienced the power of community, as her CrossFit family immediately rallied around her in support through fundraising and other efforts. She knew she wasn’t fighting the battle alone and she continued to endure aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments with a smile. In the midst of her own inspirational fight, Brittany was inspired by the support she received from her CrossFit community. She and her husband, Matthew, launched Everyday Warrior as a way to honor, celebrate and support CrossFit Warriors battling cancer - a way to insure that no one ever fights alone.

Brittany’s legacy and passion for this mission lives on through Everyday Warrior. As an official 501(c)(3) organization, Everyday Warrior has provided financial support to more than 40 Crossfitters battling cancer! CrossFit communities across the country come together during the annual Battle Series to honor their own Warriors. The Battle Series was created to rally the community through competition, and the  money raised from participation fees, donations, and merchandise sales is put toward gifting nominated Warriors with financial support. Support covers everything from basic needs to medical bills, and impacts the lives of Warriors and their families. 

As the impact of Everyday Warrior continues to grow, the mission remains the same: to support Crossfitters with cancer, insuring that no one fights alone. Each Warrior is a fighter - just like Brittany - and it’s their stories of inspiration that continue to drive this mission forward.