We financially support, inspire and empower those in the CrossFit community undergoing cancer treatment

At Everyday Warrior we want to be more than hope to those who are battling cancer. Many cancer-based charitable organizations direct funds to research or to medical bills. Financial support is critical to our Featured Warriors to lessen the financial burden a cancer diagnosis brings to individuals and their families. Providing financial relief, reduces the stress financial hardship brings upon these individuals and allows them to maintain a strong focus on the battle they face, beating cancer.


How We Do it


Rally Community

We have a strong belief in the importance of community and people rallying together to support those involved in the battle against cancer. The bigger the army, the more powerful the force.


Raise Support

We raise money is through the Battle Series. A multi-week online competition. The second way we rise money through donations.


Restore Hope

Each recipient is awarded 1,000-10,000 dollars and becomes a Featured Warrior.