We’re surrounded by individuals, who when faced with challenges and hardships, confront them boldly with courage, vigor and strength. These Everyday Warriors maintain hope and continue to inspire those around them, all while in the midst of the fight for their life.

Many cancer-based charitable organizations direct funds to research or medical bills specifically. At Everyday Warrior, we understand that the financial burdens of cancer treatment extend far beyond the hospital walls.

Through our Featured Warrior program, we award funds directly to individuals and families within the CrossFit community affected by cancer who are facing financial hardships. Money awarded to our Featured Warriors can be used however they see fit. Whether it’s paying a mortgage, making car payments or simply breathing a little easier each month. This affords these Everyday Warriors an opportunity to focus on the fight at hand instead of worrying about money.

If you or someone you know is an Everyday Warrior currently battling cancer, please click here to fill out our nomination form.